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Hi there, I'm Maria Langford, designer, creator and manufacturer of Jaelle. 

I was raised in the middle of Russia in area with significant natural deposits of gemstones (Ural Mountains) and I've been fascinated by gems and silver jewelry ever since. It always seemed to me like something magical and meaningful and I often got frustrated with conventional jewellery finding it flat and lifeless. When I discovered the possibility to hand make jewellery from precious metals with my own hands I was strongly determined to learn as much as I could. I simply cannot describe the amount of joy I get from crafting process, it mesmerizes me from start to finish and I'm super happy that I can fulfill my jewellery dreams and share them with you.


I work as a bench jeweller for a big Sydney brand and when I am home I go nuts creating my whimsical pieces. Weirdly doing someone else's designs all day long pushes me as nothing else to pursue my inner vision of perfection.

We participate in Medieval festivals and Geek Markets (Canberra) and also hold a permanent stall at Cobbitty Markets. Geeky in soul, my biggest inspiration comes from worlds of the Witcher, Darkover and Tolkien. 


I have two beautiful boys, a little princess step daughter and a talented husband, who is a martial artist and also a jeweller. Our styles are very different but we both are fans of Star Trek, so no issues raised. In our rare free time we love to go to the ocean to reconnect with nature.


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