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Perks collection

As a life long nerd and a gamer I grew up on computer games. There was not many available in Russia around 2000 and my computer was not the most powerful but I did what I could - (just name a few) Diablo, series of Might and Magic, Witcher, Allods, Sacred and of course Elder Scroll. I always thought it is pretty cool idea to change the character with switching enchanted armour and rings, casting spells and using potions). In most of these games colour palettes were quite limited to technology and therefore enhancing options had basic distinctive colours - Health potion is red, Mana potion is blue etc.

This is how I came to my Perks collection - enchanted rings of skills and character features. Add to yourself whatever you feel you want most.

While at this moment they are presented in dainty rings suitable magicians or amazons, soon I will post a version for earrings and a bold signet ring.

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