I created this pendant wanting to freeze in time breathtaking beauty of rainy day. Sky blue topaz droplets, giving subtle hint of cold tones, gently landed on silvery surface that reflects gloomy sky -  split second moment that is captured forever as a humble tribute to power and harmony of Mother Nature.

Sky blue topaz: round cabochons 3mm - 3 pcs, 4mm - 2pcs; oval cut faceted topaz 8*6mm.
Necklace dimensions approx 5.7*5.7mm
Leaf dimensions approx 21*12mm
Adjustable cable chain 16" to 18"

This necklace is handmade to order. Due to complexity of the work please allow 3 weeks for production.

"Like a sun in the night sky she lit this dark place
Here amongst sadness she shone with such grace
Around her were those who's loved ones had left
Leaving them hanging on to feelings bereft
One hangs on to hope while his heart openly grieves
The others they tumble like dying autumn leaves"
- by Ed

Elorie drop leaf necklace