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Ring of Power -Two Stones

Ring of Power -Two Stones

The ring of power - sterling silver and green tourmaline from Western Australia. This tourmaline is bi-coloured and is mainly green with one peach part. Elven inspired scrolls and asymmetrical leafs, little dots and pale taupe zircon. Natural zircon is nearly colourless yet showing taupe/nude/rose undertone, offsets the greenery of the main gem, making this ring subtle and calming like a diffused daylight.


She is one off and is available in size R.

  • Centre gemstone: Tourmaline, dimensions 5.9*5.6mm

    Side gemstone: Zircon, dimensions 3.9mm

    Origin: Western Australia (tourmaline), Queensland (zircon)

    Ring band width: 1.3mm

    Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

    Ring size: R.

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