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Runic Necklace of Energy

Runic Necklace of Energy

Made from sterling silver and enchanted with runes this necklace will surely add +10 points to your energy. You will find traditional Witcher runes against supernatural powers and Quen sign on the back. Quen is a magical sign used by witchers that forms a protective field around the caster.


Natural citrine has wattle yellow colour with ligher and darker parts. Hand carved wolf's head.


This item will be handmade for you, please allow 2-3 weeks productioin time.

  • Gemstone: Citrine

    Gemstone Origin: Western Australia

    Gemstone Dimensions: 5mm

    Pendant Height: 57mm

    Pendant Width: 24mm

    Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

    Chain Style: 1.4mm Diamind Cut Cable

    Chain Length: 18-20" adjustable

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