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Examples of wedding and engagement rings we have made over the  years.

Engagement ring for S.

Green sapphire, diamonds and rose gold

Engagement ring for J.

White gold, tourmaline and white sapphires

Wedding set for N.

Rose gold, garnet and sapphire

Engagement ring for V.

Platinum and diamonds

Wedding set for H.

Sapphire and green garnets

Wedding set for K.

14k yellow hold, rubies, sapphire and diamonds

Wedding band for N.

9k white gold, black Tasmanian spinel and rhutenium plating

Wedding band for J.

While this is not the exact design, I made very similar spanner wedding ring that went to Dubai.

Engagement ring for M.

18k white and yellow gold with 7.7mm round green tourmaline.

Engagement ring for J.

1ct diamond solitaire. G colour Si clarity.

Engagement ring for S.

14k white gold with 2ct+ QLD parti sapphire.

Wedding bands for M. and M.

His and hers wedding bands in 18k white gold

Engagement ring for M.

18k white gold diamond solitaire with floating hidden halo. Can't remember the exact weight of the diamond but it spreads 9*7mm.

Wedding band for A.

Reticulated yellow gold surrounded by two white gold borders.

Engagement ring for I.

White gold and diamonds in classic style.

Anniversary bands for N. and I.

White gold, spinel and moonstone as birthstones.

Engagement ring for A. and B.

All the birthstones of her, him and two daughters.

Wedding band for J.

18k white gold with 7 natural diamonds F colour VS clarity

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The Bear Paw for E. and D.

18k yellow and white gold ring with D colour diamond spreading 9.8*6.27mm and two 5mm natural African rubies (heat only).

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